Which Country's Bathroom is Your Favorite?

Each country has its own cultural characteristics, such as the heavy Greek, Moroccan mystery, Japan's loneliness, American pluralism, the vanguard of Italy, Germany's rigorous, and traditional United Kingdom. It turned out that these features can be reflected in the local family or hotel bathroom, to feel!


Greece Bathroom

If the civilization has colour, Greek civilization must be khaki. The bathroom of Greek family, in the design of the decoration on the classical deep, in the layout and did not forget the current trend, all these are a contemporary Greek local washroom sample.


Morocco Bathroom

Moroccan enthusiasm, and a little mysterious, this space is a reflection of this temperament. The windows of the carving, the waist colour of the mosaic is typical of the Muslim style. The three bathroom cabinet side by side shows this is a well-off family bathroom.


Janpanese Bathroom

Wood, stone, concrete, plants, this bathroom was full of Zen, showing the Japanese culture in the silence, astringent and the beauty of sadness. The smart bathroom appearance has bring a contemporary look to the whole space.


Russian Bathroom

Russia, a rich bathroom, although the typical European design, but I do not know why exudes a fighting nation unique lonely feeling.


American Bathroom

The United States has no historical burden, culture is more diverse. The wall painting on the bathtub, faintly reveals a pillow of the American dream.


Turkey Bathroom

Turkey has acrossed the Eurasian continent, cultural diversity is obvious. Contemporary turkish bathroom from the design is difficult to distinguish between what kind of style, perhaps this is a feature of it.


Portugal Bathroom

In the villa of Villa Extramuros, Portugal, the industrial bathroom has a dramatic feel. The daytime bathroom reveals all the details through the skylight, concrete and marble these two cold material collision out of the unique beauty.


Italy Bathroom

Italy is always linked with the art, this space is slightly avant-garde features, but the candle lights, plaster like the traditional furnishings, but also showing some eclectic taste.

United Kingdom

British Bathroom

British architectural studio SHH designed this modern bathroom, marble widely used, with natural light, so that every detail is wonderful. Two gold frame bath mirror, so that the whole space more than a trace of calm and extravagance.


Germany Bathroom

Germany, always has an open bathroom, with black and white main colours, bedside shelves, angular bathtub. These are revealing advocating speculation, rigorous German character.


French Bathroom

Nowadays, young people in French are romantic sexy, casual life, reflected in the bathroom is a slightly tone of the European style, the introduction of a large number of small objects to give the whole space brisk and bright feeling, swept away the calm and heavy.


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