9 Best Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Creating a beautiful and colourful kitchen with these paint and decorating ideas.

1 Bright Hues

After found a perfect shade for your kitchen island, then choose paint chips of colours that made you happy. For example ,incorporated the bright hues into your kitchen to create a look that is as colourful as it’s cheerful.The yellow and red are the best choice for the bright hues.

 bright hues for kitchen-hapilife blog

2 Distressed Cabinets

For a vintage style kitchen, you always want to bring a slightly weathered look to it. First, coat the cabinets with blue interior oil stain, then use a rag to apply and partially rub off a layer of provincial wood finish. At last, you will get a bright blue cabinets and a traditional style kitchen.

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3 Light Whole Space

The homeowners of the following kitchen used a light and soft hue to colour a large area to create a fun statement that isn’t overpowering.

add colour to your kitchen-hapilife blog

4 Bright Ceilings

The bright colour of the ceiling draws the eye up, which makes the room feel like it stretches to the sky.

add colour to your kitchen-Hapilife blog

5 Vintage Tones

Enlarge the kitchen by combining it with the formal dining room. Then updating the kitchen with fresh takes on vintage country style meanwhile Maintaining the space’s original yellow &red colour scheme

add colour to your kitchen-Hapilife blog

6 Special Shape

A scalloped hood adds sweet flavor to this kitchen, while a blue stove stands out against white cabinets. This is very smart, isn’t it?

add colour to your kitchen-Hapilife blog

7.Colourful Cabinets

Choose a signature colour for you cabinet and give the kitchen appeal.

add colour to your kitchen

8 Dark Hues

Painting the walls, cabinets with peacock blue. The dark blue and white kitchen sink will bring the visual impact.

add dark colour to your kitchen-Hapilife blog

9 A colourful Mix

Mix the colour in a kitchen and make them harmony.

mix the colour in your kitchen-Hapilife blog


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