What is something will you do in a shower?

For most of us, a shower is a private moment to have peace of mind from our everyday works. The water slides down the back of your shoulder then slips through the arch of your back. It runs down your forehead then into your dimples as you smile. You experience bliss.
What will you do in a shower?

1) Sing

Sing in a shower-Hapilife

You can't deny the levels of ecstasy in this picture. Like she just have her own concert.

2) Dance

Dance in a shower-Hapilife

Dance in a shower, that looks like a great way to de-compression after a long day lives.Do remember be careful . Don't slip and fall. That wouldn't be very fun.

3) Think

Think in a shower-Hapilife

Usually, shower time can be productive, too. You could go through upcoming plans, create a mental to-do list, think about your day, or ponder anything you'd like for enjoyment. Of course, you can just be in a daze.


At last ,having said all that, also be mindful about water usage. Don't end up spending an hour in the shower doing these things every day. Since the water crisis is the #1 global risk based on impact to society (as a measure of devastation),nearly  660 million people  lack access to safe water. Take this moment of bliss as a simple reminder to change the world, so you can give others the opportunities we take for granted.

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