5 Small Ways to Use Bold Colour For Home

Always our mood is affected by the weather. In this spring, perhaps by injecting some happy, fun hues into your home, you can nudge your way out of the winter depression. Choose one way from following steps now!


A colourful area rug can provide the perfect chunk of vivid colour. This works especially well if your fixed flooring is a neutral hue(like brown) — it will ground the more striking colours of the rug.The dining room here has a deep, elegant colour palette that gets a terrific boost of energy via the zesty orange rug. The bedroom at left has a cool and relaxing vibe, with just the right amount of perky blues thrown into the mix via the rug.

orange rag-haplife blog


Use impactful colours to small items that are worthy of the attention. Also it will not destroy the colour balance of your entire house. Think about using the bold colour for your seating in a dining room. It really draws the eye in and makes you want to join the party.

yellow sittings-hapilife blog


Colourful pillows, throws and window treatments are easier to add and remove as your colour whims change. If you want to make a great change in your house, try adding the bold colour via textiles.

The dining space shown below features a pretty berry-hued shade on the large window flanking the fireplace. This is a smart way to bring colour into a space, because you can roll the shade up and away whenever you want to strike a more neutral tone.

pink curtains-hapilife blog

4.Painted cabinets.

All- white kitchens and entire-grey bedrooms, have all these caused you visual fatigue before? Take it easy, I’m happy to tell you are embracing striking and unusual colours for their cabinetry. Of course, a kitchen clad from top to bottom in a vibrant green or hot pink would be too visually disharmonious, but by limiting the colour to one bank of cabinets, you introduce the perfect amount of the dynamic hue.

green kitchen cabinet-hapilife blog

5.Accent wall.

It’s crazy to successfully pull off a supersaturated colour on all four walls, but by sticking to just one or two walls, or a small accent area, you get the benefit of a fun injection of colour without the colour’s taking over the space.

Take the kitchen for example, I recommend painting the lively hue over the worktop—the entire one wall .

yellow kitchen wall-hapilife blog


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