Why leave your home ordinary areas the way they are? Go to a fearless adventure and redefine your home interior. You do not need to remodel your home with exciting furniture or decorations. Your walls can be decorated with the art you desire. Try the geometric style: a highly customizable alternative solid colour or pattern on your wall.

The basic principle of geometric style is based on shapes. Commonly used are horizontal and vertical bands, squares, triangles, and so on. The most prominent line is the key to creating an internal geometric effect. These bold dynamic designs tell a lot about a person, like a heroic colour that embodies the granting of admirers to the spirit and contemporary sensory areas; adding  boisterous flavor to the mix. There is no need to hang something on your wall when there would already be breathtaking art adorned on them.

geometrical wall

geometrical wall-green

geometrical wall-purple

How to transform your walls into a geometric wall, please following the 8 genius steps below:
  1. Design your desired pattern.
  2. Build stencils in the style of the body of your design’s geometric template (if you’re using one).
  3. Outline the stencil onto your wall, marking all important details and moving outwards from inside to ensure a uniformed motive.
  4. Tape over each stencilled marking made on your wall. Be sure to get the kind of tape that allows for easy peeling from walls without damaging them.
  5. Start marginally painting over the tape lines to conceive a neat line. Be sure to apply only a small amount of paint to avoid the paint from bleeding under the tape.
  6. Apply at least 2 coats of colour for each colour.
  7. Remove the tape before applying he final coat and letting it all dry completely.
  8. Lean back and enjoy your achievement.
geometrical wall and blue sofa
geometrical wall-red and black

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