How to tell the quality of a tap?

When it comes to choosing a tap, we always take the style, colour and finish into consideration. But how can we tell a good-quality tap from a bad one?  It’s important to be able to know because those taps need to be turned on and off frequently over their lifetime. You need to have a tap that is able to do that consistently. Here are some top tips for choosing the best quality of tap.

  • 1. Make sure you choose a tap with a bright finish. Multiple-chrome plating gives Hapilife’s tap a smooth surface and bright finish. Both these features mean the tap is much easier to clean and with our exclusive MirrorLook technology, the tap shines brightly. The tap is also rustproof and anti-leak.


  • 2.It’s important that a tap operates smoothly so that the water flow isn’t disrupted and you get a consistent stream of water. The better the quality of the Ceramic Disc Cartridge(CDC) inside the main body of the tap the smoother the tap operation will be, and also it won’t burst and flood your house.



  • 3.A good tap is made with good quality brassware. The best taps meet the European standard, as ours do. Our products are made with 59 H brass instead of the cheaper 56 H brass. That makes our taps safer, steadier and more durable in daily use.

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