How to Stick Your Own Bathroom Wall Tile?



Small rectangular ceramic tile can stick in the toilet, wash area or the whole wall shower area, if you have a bath, can also be labeled around it. Should be considered when the shop is stuck is tie-in, use it in highlight an area at the same time, the best in other places with some other different specifications of the ceramic tile.

1.1 Whole wall: posted on walls are common, the Nordic style, let a space become quiet. Pay attention to the collocation, the ground can be spread in black hexagon brick, can well adjust visual.

 whole wall tile

1.2 Half wall: another way of tiling, just stick from the ground to the wall in the middle of the area, build the waist line, make the space abounds change.

Half wall tile

1.3 Shower area:  take the collocation into consideration, and distinguish the ground from metope.

 shower area tile

1.4 Washing area: the wash gargle background wall is also a good choice. If use ceramic commode, the ceramic tile of the white walls will not be used.

washing area tile



1.5 Bath: bath crock is against the wall to save space, it is the small family choice.In bath crock wall labelled on the outside and background, will increase a medieval atmosphere.

bath tile



In the pursuit of simple, black and white ash is the safest option. But this is just a primary gameplay, expert in black and white ash, add another kind of the color with taller lightness, identification, to adjust.

2.1 White: white draws out clean feeling, very suitable for the wet toilet. White is the mass-tone attune of the Nordic, modern style, to build a plain and neat, elegant atmosphere.

white tile


2.2 Black: black and white are opposites, there is white is black. May be applied in domestic household is not much, but the black wall brick can lead to mysterious, deep feeling, let a space more style.

 black tile

2.3 Gray: somewhere between black and white, is a compromise choice. Their generation joker, suitable for all kinds of style of the bathroom. Can use the entire wall is gray, also can with other colors as regulation.

 gray tile

2.4 Blue: there is a sea floating illusion when surrounded by a blue. Deep blue represent eternity, shop to fill large area, can produce a sedate, mellow texture; Shallow blue represents summer, can make toilet is permeated with pure and fresh, more suitable for young people.

blue tile


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