How to Keep Your Home Hardware’s Stainless Steel Spotless

Stainless steel is a beautiful finish, but to keep it looking its best, especially if you have a family of little ones, can be a big job. Here are a few quick cleaning tips to help you keep your stainless steel glittering.

  1. Turn knobs for a complete clean.

    When cleaning your stainless steel range and oven, remember to turn the control knobs to reach hidden dirt and dust. Just cleaning around knobs can cause accumulation of unsanitary and difficult to eliminate
  2. Pay extra attention to stainless steel handles.

    Since the handles are used the most in the home appliance, they should be wiped down weekly with a damp microfiber clothThere’s no need for harsh chemicals to clean your stainless steel appliances and surfaces. Fine fibrous cloths, such as the ones used for cleaning eyeglasses, can be found at retail chains and grocery stores. They work great to remove dust and don’t leave any streaks or smears.
  3. Antioxidation .

    With the passage of time, stainless steel is oxidized. How to remove this layer of oxide film? You can use pumice powder mixed with water. Pumice powder can be found online and a hardware store. Apply this post-paste "grain" stainless steel and then wash it with warm water. You will be surprised to see how the black cloth is done when you are done..
  4. Clean kitchen sinks.

    Stainless steel sinks are the choice of professional kitchens because they are designed to hold up to constant abuse. To keep them looking clean and bright, you want to avoid using an abrasive cleanser. Instead, try using just a drop of a gentle dish soap and warm water. This mixture will keep your counters clean and scratch free.
  5. Give your hood a helping hand.

    Stainless steel stove hoods need to be cleaned weekly to prevent a accumulation of grease and dust. Cooking grease mixes with dust in the air and lands on the stove hood, making it thick and hard to remove. A simple cleaning remedy is to spray a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe it over the top of the hood. Make sure not to use the rubbing alcohol near an open flame.



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