How To Choose A Shower Head?

The earliest spray is said to be used for pouring plants, and later it was sprinkled on human body to feel good, and then slowly developed into the shower now. Shower is one of the standard of family bathroom, many people can not do without it every day. But it is such a seemingly fair things, but contains a lot of knowledge.

1 Material

The most common display material on the market is generally three:ABS engineering plastics, brass and stainless steel.

  • ABS

This shower is the most common in the market and the price is the cheapest. Its benefits are more style, feel light, diverse shapes, and can set a multi-block water function, very convenient and practical. The most important thing is, ABS plastic shower adiabatic excellent performance, it will not be hot after a long time use.

how to choose a shower head-ABS shower handset

  • Brass

   In general, the shower head to brass or pure brass to make the best material. Because brass has good corrosion resistance, less rust, clogging and so on; the same time, copper and disinfection function, can kill 99% of the bacteria in the water, which is not available in other materials. However, due to higher copper prices, and scarce resources, the current market claims that the brass taps is generally dominated by semi solid brass alloy.

how to choose a shower head-brass shower handset

  • Stainless Steel

   The hardness and toughness of stainless steel are 2 times higher than the brass, this material is not easy to corrosion of the shower, not rust and so on. But also because of the high hardness, stainless steel shower modeling more difficult, most of them only have one way of water output, but it has a benefit is that the size of the shower can be bigger, so most of luxury top spray shower head are made of stainless steel.

how to choose a shower head-stainless steel shower head

2 Type

The shower head can be divided into three type according to the use, namely, shower handset, top spray shower head and side spray shower

  • Shower Handset

Shower handset is the most common and versatile. General family said the shower head, usually refers to the shower handset. This shower is easy to use, can wash all parts of the body. It can also to achieve the top spray shower function with the fixed seat, quite cost-effective.

  • Top Spray Shower Head

Nowadays more and more families are equipped with top spray shower head. This size is larger, generally more than 8 inches, some length and width more than 1 meter. Top spray shower can achieve rain, water mist and other water way, so that users are like exposure to nature, feel the most direct touch of water.

  • Side Spray Shower

Side spray shower to be fixed on the wall, the water outlet from the side of the wall, its auxiliary properties larger, mainly to achieve massage function. Some side spray shower can adjust the angle, to achieve up and down, left or right or irregular water, you can rinse the body massage.

 3.Choose The Suitable Shower Head

For the average family, a shower handset can meet the basic needs of the shower. Buy the shower handset to pay attention to two points, the first is to choose an adjustable angle of the fixed seat, so that the shower can be adjusted to the appropriate height; the second is accompanied by a lift bar, so that different people within the family due to height adjustment Shower height.

If you are not satisfied with the shower handset, you can consider buying a set of suits. The size of the shower package on the market generally include hand-held shower and top spray shower head, top spray shower common size is 8 inches, if too small, you can choose 9-inch or 10-inch products. Compared to a shower handset, this package is more popular with consumers.

If you have enough budget and would like to experience a non-general shower effect, consider buying a concealed shower system. This shower is generally a variety of water outlet, natural water, bubble water, spray water, there are some larger shower head with waterfall, and even some also provide a number of side spray shower to massage the body.


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