How to change a kitchen tap is something we are asked all the time. We thought it would be a good idea to do the instructional pictures for you. And the only tool you will need is a spanner.
      Kitchen taps are used so often in the home and take a lot of punishment throughout their lives. From time to time they will need changing. Hopefully our instructions below helped you out when doing this.

      1.Turn off the water supplies to the tap – hot and cold.

      • This is the main and most important thing to do before replace a tap. In some houses there is a water valve for your hot and cold water supply from the boiler and the attic tank. After closing the main valve turn off the hot water valve from the boiler too.

     hot and cold water

    2.Remove the pipes

      • Open the tap to make sure the water is off.Remove all shelf contents and cover panels for easy access to the pipes. Then remove the pipes from the bottom of the tap.
             take off the pipes

          3.Lift away the old tap

      • Once pipes are removed undo the securing nuts on the bottom of the tap. Once this is done the tap should lift away.

            lift away the old tap

        4.Install the new kitchen tap

      • Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 in reverse with your new tap. Sometimes a new fibre seal or rubber ‘O’ ring will be needed to create a water tight seal. You can also review the instructions that come with the tap.

        5.Turn on water supply and test for leaks.

      • It isn’t the easiest DIY job in the home because you often have to get in tight spaces to do the job. It does however save you the plumber’s bill.

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