How to bleed a radiator at home?

Have your came across this situation: switch the heating system on but you still feel cold after waiting for a long time? Don’t worry, it’s the air that is trapped in the radiators. Fortunately, this small problem can be fixed easily by yourself. And all you need is a radiator key or flat-blade screwdriver. Then following the step by step guide:

Step 1 –Turn the heating on.

Switch your heating system on so that all of the radiators in your home start to warm up. You'll need to wait until your radiators are fully heated before moving on to step two.

Step 2 - Diagnose your radiator.

Check each radiator in your home . Be careful - radiators can get quite hot. Protect your hands when you're feeling a radiator for warmth. If the radiators has air in ,you will be able to feel the cold spots on the radiator.

Step3 - Bleed the radiators

Make sure your central heating system is switched off before you start to bleed a radiator. You'll need the radiators to be cool enough to handle.

Bleeding radiators will require a radiator key (buy one at your local hardware store if you can’t find yours) or a flat-blade screwdriver.

(1) Attach the radiator key into the square section in the centre of the radiator valve

(2) Use a cloth or strong tissue paper to hold the radiator key

(3) Put a barrel or have another cloth under the radiator valve to catch any drips

(4)Turn the radiator key slowly in an anti-clockwise direction

(5)If gas is escaping you'll hear a hissing sound

(6) liquid will start to leak from the valve after all the air has excaped

(7)Close the valve quickly by turning the radiator key

NOTE: With the more modern screwdriver operated escape valve, liquid is likely to emerge as a jet rather than a dribble.

Step 4 - Check the pressure of your heating system

Please double check the pressure gauge on your boiler after bled the radiator. If the pressure is too low ,you'll need to pressurize the boiler.

At last, you can “test” your radiator once again. Switching your heating on and have a cup of coffee to wait your house warming up.


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