Get to Know Your Radiator Valves

The type of radiator valve you will need is dependent on the position of the radiator
valve inlets that your new radiator requires and the position of the central heating supply
flow and return pipes that your radiator feeds off. See the information below:

1.Manual Radiator Valves

Hapilife Manual Radiator Valves

 work like a tap, you can turn the top of the valve to allow more or less water into your radiator.

2.Straight Radiator Valves

Hapilife straight radiator valves

join the radiator to the central heating pipework in a straight, horizontal line. The pipe work

comes from the floor.

3.Angled  Radiator Valves

Hapilife angled radiator valves

allow you to join the central heating pipework to the radiator at an angle.The radiator valve has a 90° bend in it so that the valve inlet can be met in either a horizontal or vertical position. The pipe work comes from the wall.

4.Corner Radiator Valves

Hapilife Corner Radiator Valves

The benefit of using Corner valves when pipe work is coming from the wall is that the radiator head will be pointing upwards and will not increase the overall depth of your radiator.

5.Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

Hapilife TRV Valves

unlike manual valves can self regulate. This means it takes into account the room temperature ensuring the radiator works at a maximum room temperature.

6. Lockshield Valves

Hapilife lockshield valves

regulates the amount of water flowing out of the radiators into the return pipes which helps to ensure water is evenly distributed across all radiators in your property providing an even heat.


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