Before and after: Be Inspired by This Classic Bathroom’s Renovation

The bright pink curtains and carpet, floral print wall and old-fashioned high-level cistern are all looked antipathetic in the Edwardian house, so it was only a matter of time until the owners decided to give a it a serious renovation. The aim was to turn it into an graceful, contemporary bathroom; a ‘wonderful place to relax and escape the daily stresses.’
The key element from stripping out all the outdated fittings – was to  get the new layout right. Moving the toilet and cistern, and replacing them with a far more modern design, was at the top of the list. After doing this, you will get a walk-in shower. Even though the bathroom isn’t very large. The budget of the whole project is £5,000 and they did all the planning themselves, learning new skills along the way. So lets see the amazing work in details:


bathroom furniture

As the most integral part of the bathroom, a largest chunk of the budget went on this furniture. ‘Our biggest spend was the vanity unit,’ they say. Aware that this was the critical of the whole space, they knew they had to get it right. 

The deep-green and crisp white furniture has a smart, sophisticated look that’s far from the shocking pink decor it replaced, and the classic-looking fittings sit well in the Edwardian property.

 (2)Mirrored Wall

bathroom renovation mirrored wall

 ‘It brings an elegant, luxurious feel to our small bathroom,’ say the owners. In addition, the dark colour against the mirrored wall behind it has a positive impact; it’s a cost effective way to make the space feel larger!

In terms of making the most of limited space, the heated towel rails/ radiators also had a subtle impact.

(3) Corner Towel Rail

bathroom renovation-towel rail

The fact that narrow towel radiators can be fitted almost anywhere in the bathroom .In a small space such as this, where wall and floor space is at a premium, ‘it makes the most of an empty corner at the end of the bath,’ say the owners. Bold patterned towels bring a little energy, and modernity to the serene space.

Other modern elements, such as the chrome mixer tap and accessories, sit side-by-side with the traditional fixtures and fittings.

(4) Every Single Detail

bathroom renovation-basin tap

The couple love period homes, but consciously added modern details into the mix so that their space doesn’t feel like a time capsule. This mission to get every single detail exactly right extended to the placement of the shower. The basin tap has mixed the traditional and contemporary together.

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(5) Shower Space

bathroom renovation-shower
With the sizing and placement agreed, they fitted a moulded shower tray and tiled over the top to create a contemporary wet-room look. Clear glass screens enhance the sense of greater space in the bathroom, too.

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