The bright colours have the ability to enhance our mood and make the home look more cheerful and bubbling. Often, we almost dare not use bright colours in our home because of fear of a strong and bold colour because will overwhelm. Let us inspire you to add some colourful ideas to your home’s décor.

1. Patterned Wallpaper

hapilife patterned wallpaper

Add the colour to your room and choose to decorate one wall with the patterned wallpaper. You can light your space not too sturdy. Remember the colour back to your furniture and look together.

2. Statement Chair

hapilife statement chair

Dress up your living room and a flash bold colour and bright armchair or sofa. It makes it look more interesting with a compromised mat or big cushion.

3. Combine Colours

hapilife combine colours

In contrast to shades breathe new life into your home and makes it look more compelling. If you are afraid to do too far, choose one of the colours in a slightly gentle shadows and play with different material to add the character.

4. Striking Colour Theme

hapilife colour theme

Neutral can get boring sometimes there are colours coming in because you can immediately use the right colour to have an impact. This wonderful purple is matched with other neutral colours, so it will not be too strong and still look fashionable.


5. Bright Kitchen Walls

hapilife bright kitchen

Show your lively and colorful walls in the kitchen to match your other colourful home. Bold accessories to complement the walls make the colours more prominent.

6. Soft Pink Kitchen

hapilife pink kitchen

While the soft pink walls are quite low-key, it offers the perfect backdrop of warm wood to the rest of the kitchen. Make the colour more popular blue hue for some other key kitchen furniture.

7. Lush Green Bedroom.

hapilife green bedroom

The bedroom is calm and relaxing place, but that does not mean you can not use bold colours to make it look more prominent. This bedroom offers a tranquil oasis and vivid green walls that ease the soft creamy bedding.

8. Sunshine Bathroom

hapilife sunshine bathroom

Yellow is a very warm and seductive colour that adds any space to the drama. The traditional bathroom presents some beautiful yellow mosaic tiles, supplemented by some creamy white and other colours of yellow and gold, making it look more elegant.


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