7 Popular Bathroom Taps

Choosing the bathroom taps is now considered just as important as any other when planning a new bathroom. So we highlighted the top 7 popular selling tap styles in 2017 so far.

  1. Waterfall Bathroom Taps

The waterfall bathroom taps have an exposed spout with a waterfall output. These simple yet stylish tap designs create a stunning visual effect that can really add the 'wow' factor to your new bathroom.

There are plenty of waterfall effect styles to choose from and this type of tap is available as a basin, bath, wall mounted and freestanding tap. The Haven range of Hapilife taps has a beautifully minimalist square design that works well with any contemporary bathroom design.

  1. Monobloc Mixer Taps

The monobloc mixer taps which combine both hot and cold water together with an additional easy turn handle. It will create a single water flow that’s just the right temperature. Monobloc mixers are more commonly designed in modern, contemporary styles and are an excellent choice for use in a smaller en suite or cloakroom bathroom.

We have a wide range of monobloc taps, like Ameli, Ada,Charlotte,etc.

  1. Bath Filler Taps

Bath filler taps are similar to monobloc basin taps. The only difference being that a bath filler will require two tap holes instead of one.

One kind of bath filler tap that's really useful is a bath filler with an additional hand held shower head (often referred to as a shower kit). These all-in-one units make washing that little bit easier when relaxing in your new bath.

  1. Minimalist Taps

Minimalist taps are those beautifully sleek, understated designs that you may have seen in ultra-modern bathrooms. These simple yet stunning tap designs work really well with contemporary fixtures like wall mounted toilets and basins. One combination that’s bang-on trend right now is to pair a minimalist tap with a handle-less wall hung vanity unit.

If you're interested in adding a minimalist tap to your bathroom design then a collection worth looking at is our Ruby minimalist tap range.

  1. Freestanding Bath Shower Taps

The freestanding bath shower mixer offers the perfect upgrade for any traditional or contemporary bathroom. The freestanding heavy duty bath standpipes have a fantastic chrome finish. Suitable for freestanding bath shower mixer taps, these standpipes allow you to fit a Bath Shower Mixer, or Bath Filler over the edge of a Freestanding Bath which has no tap holes.

Find a Hapilife freestanding bath shower taps today!

  1. Wall Mount Taps

The wall mount taps are an ideal choice for an ultra-modern bathroom, they can be fixed to the wall above your basin or bath to enhance your minimalist style. With a separate lever to control the water flow and temperature, simply use the tap to wash and cleanse your hands when in need, the chrome finish will sparkle against a plain wall in your bathroom.

Choose this Freya Wall Mounted Basin Mixer.

  1. Bath Shower Mixer Taps

A tap and a shower in one complete unit is the typical feature of bath shower mixer taps. The shower rests on top of the tap on a little stand similar to how old household telephones used to look. These statement taps are usually set in traditional bathroom designs and they are the perfect for using with a traditional freestanding bath.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading all about the most popular bathroom tap styles in Hpailife 2017. Thank you for reading and good luck with your new bathroom.


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