5 Fresh Green Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Paradise

The bathroom is the most intimate place in the house. It is most definitely labeled as the number one relaxing zone, and as such it must be comfortable and pleasant.

Green is a calming, centering colour, ideal for time in the tub or for a moment of mental peace while shaving before a busy day. It is also the colour of balance and harmony, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. Due to these characteristics, designers often use it in the interior design, especially when decorating the bathroom.

This colour usually comes in different shades, from bright to muted, from yellow-tinged to blue. Although it might seem a bit of a strong choice for interior design, it can be easily adapted into the space if you just put your mind into it. When it comes to the bathroom, for instance, you could paint the walls in green, and use white or beige furniture to complete the whole picture. And if you don’t want to overdo it, just use a few vases or green towels to make this room look more interesting.

If you are more than ready to use green colour for your bathroom interior design, but you don’t have any ideas. Here are some of our favorite green bathrooms, gathered in a gallery to inspire you.

green bathroom ideas-Hapilife blog

photo from NXG-Studio

green bathroom ideas-Hapilife Blog

Photo from Mitra-Designs-Studio-Collaborative


green bathroom ideas-Hapilife blog

Photo from Groundworks-Architects-LLP

green bathroom ideas-hapilife blog

Photo from Borchert-Kitchen-&-Bath

green bathroom ideas-Hapilife blog

Photo from Fraher-Architects



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