4 Popular Bathroom Style

Bathroom space is gradually away from the pure practicality, to the direction of art development.
Contemporary, European style, Luxurious and Original Ecology Style, finally you will find one style which is suitable for you .

1 Contemporary

Modern style is builded by straight and corner ,the main material used mostly marble, the colour to gray and beige-based. Layout focused on the sense of space, deliberately extending the distance between objects and objects, the overall atmosphere of simple and elegant, and the modern life of the rhythm of the formation of misplaced.
contemporary bathroom style
Open bathroom, consistent with the style of the host room. Light yellow background light settings, so that the whole space more style.
Architectural Modern bathroom style
Architectural decorative art became a development trend in recent years, popular cultural stone and cultural tiles, used in the bathroom, can be swept away pure stream, showing the diversity of life.

2 European Style

If you do not like the simplicity of modern style, European style is a compromise. The arc is the basic elements european-style bathroom, most of the corners or carved pattern of bathroom furniture, and the shape of the traditional shower or tap will show this..
 European bathroom style
European-style bathroom typical use of the home, the overall space is not large, but there is a taste of which one.
  1. Luxurious

Speaking of luxury, of course, in Southeast Asia is extremely popular soil typhoon. This style to gold as the main tone, most of the bathroom products imitate the local architectural style, modeling prominent, very eye-catching.
 Luxury bathroom style
In addition to the shape of sanitary products, the formation of luxury depends on the reasonable arrangements for lighting. The selected lamp volume should not be too large, so as to avoid overwhelming, you can choose to hide the backlight design of the lamp, let it spread like sunset golden colour.
  1. Original Ecology

City people yearn for nature, but also more and more in the bathroom space to introduce natural elements, like stones, plants, logs and so are the commonly used elements of this design.
 original ecology bathroom style
The overall feeling is not deliberately built from the inside, but from outside to inside, along the stone and built, and simple bathroom products with people memorable.



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