2017 Year Round Colour Inspiration

New Year means new inspiration. 2017 opens up new colour inspirations that can invigorate your home decoration ideas. Here are the colours that will be making an impact all year round. 


  •  This is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017. We regard this fresh and zesty yellow-green as a colour that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.  Incorporating Greenery into our homes brings the feel of the great outdoors right inside our houses. It also makes your house look clean and fresh. A shade of green always enlivens tired eyes and dull souls after a gruelling day at work. What better colour to choose for a new year than a colour that perfectly represents new beginnings?
  •  Colour tip: If you are enamoured with Greenery, ensure that your space has a good amount of natural sunlight. If you attempt to use Greenery in a darker space, the room, and you, will look quite sickly.




  • The most neutral colour. “It’s like gray and brown had a baby.” What a vivid description! Taupe is very versatile and creates balance when paired with the right elements. It can be both modern and classic, or simple and playful. If you can’t decide which colour to use in your bedroom, the poised taupe will never make a mistake.

Honey Yellow  

  • Looking for something fun and zesty in 2017? Then why not brighten things up with splashes of honey yellow. It’s simply a happy colour that brings warmth and joy at any time. It’s fun and exciting, yet the colour being softly desaturated makes it perfect when paired with natural materials and textures. 



  • For Benjamin Moore, Shadow will be 2017’s colour of the year. It’s a bold colour but when paired with a lighter coloured wall, it creates a warm sophisticated modern look. It is definitely a very interesting colour and adding it to your rooms in 2017 will bring an instant unique character to your home.

Red Maple  


  • Valspar selected not one colour inspiration for this year, but 12. One colour they have from this selection is an earthy Red Maple colour that symbolizes the warmth and comfort we all desire in our homes. Gold home accessories accentuate the colour in just the right way.

Comfortable, Composed & Confident  


  • One colour may be a little monotonous for this year’s colour inspiration. It’s going to be a very diverse year with the variety of hues that cater to our varied personalities and the styles in our rooms. From muted pastels, through deep earth and jewel tones to the richer and bolder colours. One palette that will appeal to the adventurous or those who want to take some bold risks this year is the Confident palette. Be playful and add drama into your homes with the help of these playful hues. 

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