2017 IF Product Awards of Taps

The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is annually conferred by the IF International Forum Design. The award, which spans multiple disciplines, has more than 5,500 entries from around 59 nations every year(From Wikipedia). Following is the winning taps in 2017 IF Product Awards.


IF awards of winning tap

         Picture 1-1+1 Tap

Brand: Just maker space(China)

The 1+1 successfully combines a spray gun and a tap. It is suitable for different scenarios, such as lower body washing, water drawing, bathroom cleaning, and even feet washing. The innovative dual-head and one-button design makes the switch between spray gun and tap possible. (from http://ifworlddesignguide.com/)


2.IF product awards of winning series taps

Picture2-AXOR Citterio E

Brand: AXOR(Germany)

This series of taps are suitable for the contemporary bathroom.

3.IF product awards:line design of bathroom taps

Picture3-AXOR Uno Zero and Uno Select

Brand: AXOR(Germany)

One of the gold award. The line design is fit for the minimalist bathroom.

4.Colour dress tap in IF awards

Picture 4-Dress

Brand: Nobili Rubinetterie(Italy)

As the name, you can change its “clothes”.

5.Different spouts of taps in IF Product awards

Picture 5-Dawn

Brand: Villeroy&Boch (Germany)

The body is similar, the spouts are completely different. Using this series of taps and bring a stylish look to your bathroom.

6.wall mounted taps in IF awards

Picture 6-Tap System

Brand: Geberit(Switzerland)

All the taps are wall mounted and induction water outlet.


From above, which design do you like best?


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